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There are many stages to a refurbishment project, which can seem daunting. Our vast experience means Willow Grange Construction can help at every stage of your project.


There are many advantages to renovating a house, as opposed to buying a new property or self-building. 

Perhaps the main advantage of renovating a house is the exciting potential it offers to uncover all manner of charming original features, closely followed by the fact that a renovation project can, if carried out to a good standard, result in a home that sees an impressive uplift in value.

Planning for success

The success of your refurbishment project will be determined by how well you plan and tackle these individual stages. Having expert advice and help along the way will help mitigate risks and ensure a smooth surprise free project.

The Process

There are many stages to a refurbishment project, and these can seem daunting, we will help you every step of the way...

Make a thorough budgeting plan
Carry out surveys
Find an architect
Apply for planning permission
Notify building control
Organise waste removal
Address access issues & existing drains
measures to improve energy efficiency
Get the building weathertight
Protect and repair original features
Update plumbing and electrics
Make internal structural changes
First fix works
Second fix jobs
External updates
Decoration and snagging list

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