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Willow Grange Construction Harrogate


The Transformation of a small one storey bungalow into a large 5 bedroom house. We helped the client every step of the way, from the very initial development ideas through the design and planning stage right to the finishing touches. This project shows what you can do with some imagination, we are very proud of this one.


Leadhall Lane

What do you do when you need more space? How about doubling the size of your house and giving it a brand new look. A huge side double storey extension and full refurbishment changed this house beyond recognition, giving the family a lot more room and making it their forever home.


Wensley Grove

A great project! A side double story extension and a single storey extension at the rear for a brand new spacious kitchen, a total transformation. A local real estate agent said this house had increased in value by 200K once the work had been completed, if you know an agent it is always worth chatting to them before you have development work done so you can grasp an idea of the house's value once the work has been completed.


Burn Bridge

Full refurbishment with a double story side extension. New roof, new windows, new kitchen, new bathroom, a brand-new house when we have finished. When you see the transformation it makes you wonder if it is ever with moving.


St Catherine's

A large rear extension to complement the roof conversion that had been done previously, the brief we to make everything gel and work together, this was achieved and gave the family a large open plan living space at the rear of the house, summer nights can now be enjoyed to the maximum!

New Kitchens

The heart of the home and often the focal point of the work we do. We can help with ideas, design and fitting. In fact out relationship with kitchen manufacturers means we can offer great deals and take advantage of trade discount. For example November is a great time to buy a kitchen as the kitchen companies clear stock.

The Oval

Your needs change over time and occasionally you need to further extend your downstairs footprint so the growing children have their own room, adding an extension to an existing extension is often a solution. Each and every time you add space, flexibility and value.

Almsford Place

Large rear extension with vellum windows, complete with a deck and outside lighting. The house was transformed with the living area downstairs doubled. Rear extensions can often be completed with out planning permission and will drastically increase the value of your property.

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